Report Maintenance Issues

During your tenancy you might come across a couple of issues that will need to be rectified by your Landlord or the managing agent. If DLM Property Management Ltd are managing the property that you are renting in Birmingham, then if you do come across a problem we have an excellent team of contractors on hand who will go above and beyond to get any issues sorted.

As a lettings agent that has been working in the industry for quite some time we have identified some common problems that tenants might face during their tenancy. Here is some advice on what to do if you experience any problems and some guidance of how you can best take care of your property.

Report early – If you do notice any problems with your rental property it is important that you mention it to your Landlord/ managing letting agent straight away to prevent the problem from getting any worse, non reported maintenance issues can result in breaching the tenancy agreement.

Blocked Drains – You can easily avoid this problem by installing drain screens, this will help prevent for example too much hair going down the shower. You should also make sure you sweep up any leaves around outside drains to avoid them getting blocked in Autumn months.

Damp / Mould – Keeping the property well ventilated with fresh air can help prevent this, you can also use de humidifiers to capture any excess moisture in the air.

Pests/ Rodents – Some unlucky tenants might be greeted with some unwelcome pests. Keeping the property clean, keeping on top of waste collections and making sure rubbish isn’t left outside can help prevent pests from being attracted to your property.

Remember, if your property is managed by DLM Property Management Ltd you can report your problem here.