Tenant Tips

Over our lifetimes many of us will be in a position where will we rent a property. If you haven't rented before you might not know what to expect as a tenant, what your rights are and what your responsibilities are. Our lettings agency is here to look after our tenants as well as our Landlords so we have put together a selection of top tenant tips.

  • Thorough viewings. When viewing a property make sure you take a thorough look. Damp, poor shower pressure, lack of electrical sockets or TV aerial points are just some common things that prospective tenants often forget to check but end up complaining about once their tenancy starts. You should also check whether the property is furnished or unfurnished and if it is available from the date you want to move in.
  • Can you afford the property? Make sure you do your calculations, properties with all bills included are often a rare gem to find nowadays. You need to take into consideration what your monthly outgoings will be including electricity, water, internet, council tax, weekly shopping and so on. You don't want to find yourself in a position where you are unable to meet your rental payments and risk receiving a notice for possession.
  • Check the tenancy agreement in detail. Don't sign the dotted line without knowing what you are getting yourself in for. Check when the tenancy ends, what your responsibilities are at the property for e.g. maintaining the garden, how much your monthly rent is and so on.
  • Ask where your deposit is being registered. All deposits must be registered in a deposit system such as the DPS, My Deposits or TDS. Your deposit will be protected in the event of a dispute between the Landlord and The Tenant, the deposit system will only release the monies when the dispute has been resolved.
  • Arrange your internet before moving in. Many of us are reliant on internet and unfortunately most internet providers have a busy diary when it comes to getting you set up in your new rental property. If you don't want to be living without Wifi for weeks on end set up the appointment weeks before you move in.
  • Check the inventory. If your Landlord is letting through an agent or managing the property themselves, they should have an inventory that states the condition of property and the items within the property at the time the tenancy starts. Make sure you check this inventory thoroughly and add any additional notes or comments yourself. It is also a good idea to take your own images of the property at the start of your tenancy, these can then be used as a reference point should the Landlord question the condition of the property when you hand the keys back. This can be useful evidence if your deposit is in dispute.
  • Ask permission to make changes. During your tenancy you might want to change the décor in the property. You should always ask permission to make any changes to the décor of the property and if permission is granted for example to paint the living room a different colour, it is a good idea to get this in writing so that your Landlord can't question it at the end of the tenancy.
  • As the building isn't yours you wont be expected to have buildings insurance, however, it is a good idea to have contents insurance to ensure your belongings are covered.

If you are a tenant of one of the properties in the DLM Property Management Ltd and would like some more information, then please don't hesitate to contact our office today.